Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I know...Not BMU Material...Couldn't Resist

As a photographer for 40 years and a lover of the reflection, plus add that for many years a photo editor, well I know things can get out of hand and overlooked. But this beauty is beyond comprehension....Was this like the Disney Littlest Mermaid debacle? Just couldn't resist, I am weak....yada yada..come on...it's FUNNY... Unfortunate mistake?  possible...a pissed of photoshopper?  I'd buy that.


kallamis said...

What an article to make it back on. Lol. I needed that after these few weeks. Now a week of sleep, and I'm good.
But that was cool. I won't even theorize about how that one happened, but thanks for posting that.

Beam Me Up said...

glad you are back! plus you are more than welcome. I use pics like these as classroom instruction in photoshop, Never let hubris get its' meat-hooks into you because it will jump up and bite you in the ass!