Monday, May 14, 2012

Review: Alien Hunter / Star Trooper by David K. Scholes

Alien Hunter - Star Trooper by David K. Scholes

Alien Hunter is based on the 12 part Alien Hunter Series in the Golden Visions SF Magazine 1/2011 to 2/12.

There is always a time when you want to introduce a young reader to the science fiction genre.  Very few books now lend themselves easily to the YA group of readers while still being able to entertain the more seasoned reader.  

Alien Hunter is a clever mix of mercenary and mysterious alien.  Alien Hunter’s Earle is a humanoid - human to any that know him with a mysterious mix of powers and weapons.  Earle has come to Earth on a mission.  He is hunting beings called “shifters” who have nothing but disdain for any other beings other than themselves.  

What makes Alien Hunter an easy read for the beginner is the novella length and for the seasoned reader in the alien mercenary theme, it makes an excellent quick read.  For the beginner the book is an excellent introduction to a popular venue without inundating the reader.  


Anonymous said...

Well done, another great science fiction novel

Beam Me Up said...

anytime you try to serve to many venues, you wind up not serving any all that well. Dave did a credible job of trying to write a YA novel that would not alienate adult readers. I am not sure if that was his ultimate goal or not - I can only go by what I observed and I myself had a lot of fun reading it and the younger folk that I lent it to were positive about the read as well. I really don't think you can ask for better in today's market.