Wednesday, May 30, 2012

NASA coverage of the Dragon module's splashdown

Reader Kallamis sent in a comment on the Dragon coverage.

He wrote:

Is it to much to say "History in the making"?   Thanks for the heads up Kallamis


kallamis said...

Anytime man. I have all the NASA stuff and science headlines on my homepage.
And I did plan to write an article on it, except that when I found out and was last night so I simply sent it to you immediately for essence of speed. Yeah,. even minutes count with me.
Apparently yahoo homepage is quite slow in getting the info up. Like that is anything new.

Beam Me Up said...

Kallamis, send me you public email address to the beam me up address
and I will send a link to you. It is not a MUST do but it would speed up your getting the info online instead of waiting for my lazy ass to see the post. Nothing special about posting other than I like the photos on the right and justified text (there is so formatting text that will justify your text, but you really don't have to use it. I do it that way because it saves me a step)That's just if you want to bother. I sent Nelson the link months ago and the lazy bastard still hasn't used it...still sends emails! Yes Nelson I KNOW you read the comments! ha!

kallamis said...

tried twice and it didn't work. Is it Tried that and a few others and nothing went through. Or maybe google is having a fit today. It happens.