Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Space Coast Becoming Ghost Towns?

Boing Boing is trying valiantly to put a somewhat comical spin on the plight of Florida's "Space" coast, places like Coco Beach, as they try even the most outrageous methods in hopes of bolstering a failing economy. This excerpt pretty much sums up what it used to be like:
(local communities were) for decades buoyed by the NASA Space Shuttle program. Astronauts, aerospace contractors, service workers, and their families all made their way to communities near Kennedy Space Center.

But now real-estate prices and business alike are dropping through the floor. One hotel in the area has gone so far as to reinvent itself as clothing optional.

It's sad and frustrating for many reasons. It really is hard to affix blame, but it is our canary in so many ways.

Check out the BB article here

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kallamis said...

Oh, I could put blame lots of places, believe me. Nasa is a very high area for me, and it isn't surprising the area is now failing. So lets just leave all politics out, and put it the way they would on Red Dwarf.
We smegged it good folks.