Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Walking about two miles a day, Claire Lomas finished the London Marathon 16 days after the race began. Claire, paralysed from the chest down following a horse riding accident in 2007, completing the course with the help of a powered exo - framework or power suit if you will. In doing so, she becomes the first person to finish a marathon using a powered exoskeleton or in this case a ReWalk suit.

Below is a video of her last few feet of the race.

Well, I replaced the video with one from youtube. I didn't title it though, that's a bit sappy....


kallamis said...

Video wouldn't come up for me yet, but how about this for a title.
IRONLADY Defeats Challenge.
Just a thought.

Beam Me Up said...

Yeah, its an oddball video platform or would that be a codex? anyway, It comes up ok for me, but at first it paused loading frequently. I should see if I can find a youtube equivalent.

lets see how this works...not as good, but you get the drift.