Wednesday, May 16, 2012

NASA MUM on a Manned Mission to an Asteroid

With Bruce Willis no where to be seen and no stirring vocals from the likes of Areosmith, NASA it seems is still looking to put feet on a near by asteroid, according to Dvice.

NASA is planning to reveal details of the asteroid mission this month at a conference in Japan. However some details have leaked by Richard Gray of The Telegraph. Here is an excerpt:

  • ....astronauts are being trained to land on an asteroid to explore its surface, search for minerals and even learn the skills they may need to destroy it should one pose a threat to the Earth.
NASA has set a time frame of the end of the next decade for an asteroid rendezvous.

UK Telegraph link 

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kallamis said...

Interesting. They want to go mine an asteroid, yet the moon right here with us is loaded with H3. The laws about not mining etc on the moon that we signed should simply be forgotten, and thrown out. If we would learn to do things right, and not indulge in a new powerful energy source like we have done with oil, then mining the moon would never pose a threat or problem. Cheap energy, period.
But then, Tesla wanted to send free energy to everyone on earth, and we see where they labeled him finally, after confiscating all his notes and work at his death which we will never see it all now.
I still say we need a moon base, that could power itself with H3, and we could launch and research at will from the moon with less fuel, and a lot safer launch and landings. It seems to me that everything is kind of backwards in all this.
Remember the old saying about not putting the horse before the cart. This is sort of like having the load and the cart, but the horse is off in another pasture somewhere running around and not remembering the cart or load. It all seems out of order to me. Kind of like my Monday morning post here.