Friday, February 08, 2013

Death Star Supporters Head to Kickstarter

It seems that the US government has not found the building of a Star Wars Death Star practical.  However the supporters are far from deterred!  Supporters have turned to the crowd funding project Kickstarter to raise the 31 million it would take to design the thing.

So far their efforts have raised 31 thousand dollars!  But as NBCNEWS.COM points out in their article:

  • The funding deadline? April Fool's Day. 
Of course 31 million only gets you plans on "how to build a Death Star" because the cost of a functional "Star" would set you back a whopping $850 quadrillion!  

Of course the odd man out in this stunt is Kickstarter itself.  I suspect they are not finding the "april fool" at all funny......


kallamis said...

I have a question.
The Falcon used Nuclear engines same as pretty much everything else in that universe, including those Star destroyers.
So, where are the engines? How does this thing fly from one place to another?

And as for these people, well, what can you say? I guess they're all expecting to get a ride out of here in the next few years.
Build a Death Star. Why don't we just build a gigantic Dyson Sphere in our spare time as well.

Beam Me Up said...

in Star Wars, was the engines installed yet....and you are asking a space fantasy, and anyone that thinks Star Wars was anything else BUT a fantasy really need a reality check. Just look at it...warring warlocks, a reluctant apprentice, a weird gnome who speaks in riddles, is immensely old and knows the deeper and dangerous dark magic....empires and princesses, evil emperor that have cast a glamour on a great white warlock turning him to the dark! Man do I need to go further? The TIE fighters?! you know they cobbled that one up hoping no one knew enough real science? The Death Star in SW contained a mysterious power generator that would I suspect not only drive the weapon but the engines as well...but no...that is much too mundane for fantasy.

kallamis said...

Well, off on the run like me huh? Lets not forget the great Mystical Energy field now though. We star with that, and by the time the 4th movie, whatever comes about, it is now bugs in the blood.
So apparently over a period of about 18 years or so, Ben apparently forgot all the science he ever knew, and went religious on them. Believe me know. I've been in that argument more times than I can count.
There are those that will insist forever however, that it is science fiction.
I told one person that if Star Wars was science Fiction, then we must not have moved much beyond sesame street level in the science department.
It went downhill from there.