Sunday, February 24, 2013

BMU # 354 Now Online!

Yes, I am in the WRFR lp/fm studios this week! Not that this is of heart stopping importance other than it is episode 354!  But anyway, I start off with a new segment, weekly rundown from Kallamis which covers some of the news that BMU may have covered, but often other material of interest.  

Then we deal with one of the most twisted submissions I have had in some time.  We can all blame this one on Xnewsman, and it is better to just hear it.  Check it out at about 14:30 minutes into the broadcast.  

From there I play the conclusion to Colonial Scout by Doug Turnbull. 

Next I do a change up on Star Trek trivia.  There hasn't been much input, so I take the Star Trek trivia and basically turn it into....Did You Know or do you remember this type of information.  I think it will prove to be much more interesting this way.

In light of the Russian meteor, Earth Sky revisits the Tunguska impact of a hundred years ago.

I do two reviews this week, the first being Pixar's Brave, which I have to admit has made stunning improvements to their 3d rendering engine.  

Kallamis celebrates 50 years of Dr. Who with some really good, historical high points.  I give a brief summery, but it would behoove you to take a trip over to the Beam Me Up blog for a more up to date rundown.   

My last review of the afternoon is the indie film Robot and Frank.  Frank played brilliantly by Frank Langella.  The film is a low key story of a two story man (Frank) who is suffering from dementia and must either accept a robot care taker or hospitalization. Check out my review in about 40:00 into the broadcast.

Final story of the afternoon is a Trath tale, "The Story Continues" by David Scholes, another low key tale of the warrior Trath coming back to visit one of the remote aboriginal tribes.    

And that winds up the weekend.  Thanks for visiting and for listening.


kallamis said...

You realize you said on the podcast in the beginning that this was 353,instead of 354. Just thought I'd point that out. It is 354 right?

Beam Me Up said...

crap! I do that, I am looking right at last week's post and that number just gets locked in....and if I try to change it, (the station is running an Akai which sounds all together different...

kallamis said...

I do it here with stuff. Looking at one number, or the wrong set of numbers written for something else, and then wonder why the smegging board I cut doesn't fit. Oh well, the written number is correct.

Beam Me Up said...

yep for me I was always writing down everything and then still checking twice there after. yep I didnt trust me further that I could throw me.

kallamis said...

LOL, I know that feeling. I am building here while living in the same area. So there are measurement numbers all over the unfinished walls, and of course there are also other things on the walls when I start trying to figure things out.
I'm just waiting for the day I try and cut a piece of wood 186,282 feet. Or 9.8 AU. I love unfinished walls. They make for wonderful writing places.