Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Deceptive Shadows

Here is a little project, inspired by Paul G. Hewitt, from the Vritasium  Youtube site,  that is easy to set up and execute.  But before you do, just watch the video.  Of course it is a bit disingenuous by calling our attention to the dark areas.  I will give a better hint - great little photography demonstration.

More information the Vritasium Youtube site. 

Really, check it out!  Yes I know, it is all pretty much high school science and physics, and if you are really up on this material then you might find it a bit mundane.  But for the average adult, they have either forgotten it or never were privy to live demonstrations.

There is plenty of room for conversation but I am going to save it for the comment section. But do check the site and watch some of the videos.

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