Saturday, February 02, 2013

BMU #351 with Steve Tuttle on Comics

This week I am joined in the studio by Steve Tuttle. Steve has been my go to guy for all things comics. I am planing and hoping to have him on the program at least once a month, but if we can get him interested enough, maybe once a week! 

 I open with a tribute the Shuttle Columbia which broke up over Texas on February 1st 2003. 

 New music this week from John Anealio called Scavenger, easily one of his best works! 

 Next I spend the next few moments talking to Steve Tuttle our comic guru about the influence of comics on entertainment like movies. Plus what is the attraction for many of the lines. 

 Star Trek trivia has a couple of new questions this week and then over to the beam Me Up blog but 

First I read some of the historic moments that happened in February throughout history. Then from the blog....

Robo-butt!    Later this year Johnathan Trappe plans to fly the Atlantic using a large cluster of balloons strapped to a lifeboat. 

and finally from Libravox, Goodbye Deadman by Tom W. Harris 



kallamis said...

I'm a week behind again. Once again I get to play catch up. I will catch up before nexy week again. Plus I am missing the star trek trivia.

Beam Me Up said...

No prob Kall... If you use a reader you know, you can just get the article titles and then only go after the ones that interest. I would be lost without mine. I just use the goggle reader, works just fine.