Saturday, February 16, 2013

BMU Podcast # 353 Now Online

Welcome to episode 353 of Beam Me Up.  This week, a change or two, some surprising happenings and I continue with Doug Turnbull's story.

First off an excellent new piece of music called 7 Rounds from John Anealio.  FYI  you can follow John and catch other tracks on John's blog

As a change up, instead of asking questions as trivia for star trek, I think each week, I will come up with a couple of Star Trek trivia facts.  You are always welcome to weigh in on either trivia questions or facts.

From there I have a couple of Earth Sky news stories. 
Earth Sky reports on a possible new dwarf planet more than 600 million miles past Pluto. 

Kallamis  Gives us a weekly run down of news.

And I continue on with the Beam Me Up blog, more on the Russian Meteor strike, The Goldilocks Zone has been modified, discovery of the youngest black hole in our galaxy? Kallamis again is on a tirade about Pluto and it's new moon....and new equipment for the blind.

I finish with part 2 of Colonial Scout by Doug Turbull.

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