Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bionic Eyes for Partially Blind

People with limited sight can now get an  Argus II bionic eye from Second Sight.

the unit consists of glasses with a camera installed.  The camera sends information to a processor which in turn sends the heavily processed video to an implant located in the eye which stimulates the eye's remaining photo receptors. 

Though we have seen similar systems and this appears to be variations on a theme, in truth it is a very inventive use and utilization of the equipment.  Check the video below.


kallamis said...

Hmmm. Still doesn't sound like true sight, but hey, if it works so someone can move freely, i'm for it.
However, I would think that they would try and team up with someone like google as well soon, so that the internet glasses they are working on, could be incorporated into this design for those that also use the net. Which now days is pretty much everyone.
See, this is my biggest fear in life, my eyes. So all things like this I am always interested in. I'm almost 50, and need reading glasses now and then, so I'm already panicked there.
Anything that deals with sight recovery, or enhanced sight, I am behind all the way, even if I ended up looking like some cyborg out of an Asylum productions B movie.
But if we can transplant eyes, and with the list of people on donor cards, wouldn't we have enough eyes for people that are truly blind. Just a random thought that popped in head there. I know that procedure is extremely difficult.I'm also not medical in this way, so I'm unsure of all the technical and biological ramifications out side of the body's matching problem.
And these are the kinds of medical procedures, that I feel should be free, period. And I'll fight for that one forever, same as giving the suit or bionic modifications to one who can not walk. If we ever get the smeggers built right. If your people all see, and all can walk and move freely, you have a stronger country and people.
I'm also willing to bet that within a year, the glass mounted hardware is going to be a lot smaller on this.
Now this is the type of stuff we should be doing more of with what ever money we have, not spending it on idiocy, of which I could list till tomorrow like all of us.
I'll be honest, without my eyes, I don't think I'd make it. Maybe that is why I don't understand why we aren't into this research like this more than what we are.
We just had a couple guys make a prosthetic hand for a kid that only cost 150 dollars. Now that is something anyone can afford, unlike the hospital charging you 35,000 just to walk in the door to talk about it.
Yep, still on my all medical should be free of charge for all citizens concept. I just will never believe that it is right for a hospital to be making a profit, or to have to pay millions of dollars for a piece of life saving or life enhancing equipment.
But then what do I know. I have a whole different concept of how things should work than what others do.
I know my comment is scattered, but I was woke up at 4am, due to meteorites bombing Russia.

Beam Me Up said...

No, if you look at the resolution you see already that it is extremely low rez. That and the fact it is not for the totally blind but for people that have myopathy to such a degree that the augmentation improves their eyesight a great deal.