Sunday, February 10, 2013

BMU # 352 Now Online!

Episode 352 for February 9th 2013.

This week, everything ran a bit late, I will or course blame it on the weather.  

This week's stories are part one of Doug Turnbull's Colonial Scout  and I start with episode 17 of Jason Kahn's Dark InSpectre series, In Plain Sight.  Our favorite physic detective continues to investigate gruesome murders in some of New Eden's most dangerous places.  Where people and specters can be witness and victim alike! 

I didn't get a chance to do articles from the Earth Sky web site so this week I make up with some of the
best news in science for the week.  

Then it is over to the BMU blog  at

First off the blog is a review of the motion comic which is a low rez low frame rate animation type.  The comic in question though is The Astonishing X-Men Unstoppable which pits the x-men against
beings from Breakworld bent on destroying Earth.  These started out as comic book arcs written by Josh Wedon.  Who, when it came time to port the comic to dvd, was joined by illustrator John Cassaday.  I break down what was interesting to me and what was good about the format.

We have heard of Jumping the Shark, but have you heard of a Bogosity Generator?  Coined by author Rudy Rucker's site, what is a bogosity generator and why is it used so heavily in science fiction or fantasy?

On the very near event horizon for tech is a very interesting “film” speaker.  Quite literally a speaker that is little more than a thin film of plastic type gel that can be rolled, folded, all but spindled and mutilated and still make wonderfully high fidelity music and sound. 

I say my final goodbyes to the wonderfully warped show Fringe.

Even though the government has given up on the idea, supporters of building the SW Death Star will not be deterred.  They are going to ask for donations through kickstarter!  To the tune of 21 million and that for plans only no real building....that will take MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH more.  

I start the ball rolling on tech myths.  A few that make you just say...huh?  But yeah...the things people believe to be true.

 The closing story is part one of  Doug Turnbull's Colonial Scout which deals with a fairly normal slice of life but the twist is that it's a Boy Scout over night and the environment is Mars.  The thing to remember though that what gives the average scout here on Earth, a scrape or bruise would be life threatening on Mars....

That's the week!  Enjoy!

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