Saturday, February 23, 2013

Moving Window Manikins! Great Innovation or Hideous Mistake?

In certain store windows in Tokyo's Shibuya district, you can sample one of the most inventive use for advertising of robot tech and gaming equipment. Called Marionettebots they are in truth manikins with the addition of joints and control wires. The wires are then wired through accuators to a Kinect. This allows the Marionettebots to be controlled by anyone standing in front of the window. 


kallamis said...

We used to have actual live people in store windows even when I was a kid down in Columbus.
This however I can see getting quite perverted, depending on who is doing the moving, and depending where the wires are at, and what they can actually mimic. Yep, that frame of evil mind this morning.
Give them enough time, and we'll have android gf's, and wives. And guaranteed to come from Japan before anywhere else. They are the only people more addicted to androids than I am.

Beam Me Up said...

But you see Kall, that is why I named the article as I did. I could just see the perv miming all sort of deviate behavior. Given a couple more strings and result would be pornographic.