Wednesday, February 20, 2013

David Scholes "For Odin, for Thor, for Asgard"

Author and BMU contributor Scholes sent in a note telling us about his newest book.
What I like about Scholes is he is not afraid to tell us whats us.  Boils down to if you like the works he has let Beam Me Up read, then you will most likely enjoy the book a well.

Check out the note:
  • "For Odin, for Thor, for Asgard" - a collection of tales of the Norse gods.
  • It's had some mixed reviews on Amazon but if your readers enjoyed "OdinForce" and "The Intervention" - they may enjoy some of these stories.  
  • Here's the link:
  • The book was first available December 2012, but David will be making it available free for 5 days from 5 March.
Thanks for the update Dave!


kallamis said...

1) I have got to get me a kindle. Although I prefer a book in my hand, I may as well join the 21st century myself here.
2) But the titles remind of a book I read back in the 80's that I can't remember the title of. It was about a Nam soldier that was saying how we worshiped the wrong gods, and should be following the Norse if we were at war. Well, a hand grenade, or mortar or something went off, and low and behold, he was with the Norse. Anyone have any idea of the title, or author. I believe it was the start of a series, and I can't remember it. But this made me think of it again, and now I'll become obsessed with finding it again.

Beam Me Up said...

I hate to admit it because I a such a book nut, but I got one of the original kindle readers working and it is a life saver. Just because the book that people want me to eval can now just be sent to me on the kindle and the new book that are sent to me from hopeful authors can be electronic. Even my book nut brother has a Nook. It certainly worth your time. worth the consideration for sure.

David Scholes said...

Sorry kallamis - it's only available as an e-book from Amazon at the moment. The series that you read back in the 80's doesn't ring a bell. I guess I've been influenced by both Norse mythology and also the Marvel comics version of Thor. Cheers!

phanriver said...

Don't lose it again smeghead.

kallamis said...

She was sitting across the room from me, and the bloody smeg couldn't even tell me to my face. Just giggled and posted this. Sometimes GF's just aren't worth the effort. And that is the book too.

And I just downloaded a kindle app for my computer. Mom told me about it, so I'm on my way into 21st century reading I guess. Considering what a trek fan I am, it's amazing I'm not up with all the latest tech, but it's almost impossible to keep up. Okay, in this case, i was just being blatantly stubborn about my books. (Yes, the same as my little planet).
And @ David Scholes. Same here actually. Always was a fan of that hammer wielder, in both ways. A bit more than a fan for quite a number of years actually. And an actual author answered me, which I also consider a highlight of my day, as I myself am hoping to be that soon as well, (fingers crossed). If I ever get anything finished that is.

So now it's back to see what else I can download tonight. That thing is freaking fast. I've downloaded games with less content that take, lets just say a lot longer. So I guess I'll get my favorites in book form, Logan of course and some others, and get the new stuff I read in E form and decide after if I want to buy the actual book itself as well.
Hee hee, new toy. I'm happy tonight. I love new toys to play with. Wish this was a laptop so I could haul it off to bed with me to read.
Oh well, I hardly sleep anyway, so I guess now I'll sleep when I pass out from not sleeping. Won't be the first time I fell asleep on the keyboard.