Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nuclear Sub, For Sale 6,98!

Wow, talk about a flash from the past!!!  Do I REMEMBER this sub.  I couldn't remember what comix I saw it in, but the 6.95 was such an astronomical amount back then, but I wanted one SO bad!  So bad in fact that I asked my dad if I could buy one.  Needless to say the late 60s saw me sans sub.  Now I might have been a little old by the time I saw this, but it flared my imagination so much!  I don't know what the equivalent exchange would be, but I hazard a guess that you would still be out the cost of a big cardboard box and some stickers....  But think about it!  Man that would have been sweet!

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kallamis said...

I remember these things as well. Along with x-ray specs, and all the other strange things advertised in the backs of comics. I need to remember to look at the flea market for an old 60's era comic this year. Like one of the old Archie's or something that will be cheap, and get a printout of one of those pages for here. Show the younger generation the some of the silliness we had back then. And the prices as well.