Wednesday, February 06, 2013

MacGuffin Vs. Bogocity Generators

Cory at Boing Boing points us toward Author Rudy Rucker's blog. The point of interest is a device used in science fiction called a "bogocity generator". As Rucker's blog entry notes:

  • filmmakers use the term “MacGuffin” to stand for some object that various characters in the tale are competing for. A secret paper, a formula, a stunning gem, a statue....
But it is a bit different in Fantasy and Science Fiction. Again from Rucker's blog:
  • (There is often) a special device or procedure or organism with special powers that affect the flow of the story.
From here the writer works backwards.  Often an object is introduced to the story, and only then put forward  an idea or gimmick that will make the effect or object possible.  Or with tongue firmly in cheek a Gogocity Generator...

The really funny thing is that until you know of it, you don't realize it is happening.  Very much like the Wilhelm Scream. 

I would take a moment and read the Rucker Blog entry

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