Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Little Planets moons name.

   Pluto it seems just seems to keep popping up lately.
Got to love it too. My little planet just won't stay out
of the news it seems. And yeah, I know, here we go again.
   Well, now we are talking about the names of the moons,
 and the ones that haven't been named yet. And that is
what this is really for, the ones un-named.
   Pluto has 5 moons, but only three have been named so far.
They are Charon, Nix, and hydra. The last two are named
 P4 and P5. 
   Scientists are hoping to keep the names going like they are,
named for Greek and Roman characters that have a connection
 to the underworld.
   Well, I won't discuss what I think of scientists that attempt to kill my off my planet, (Yeah I'm still in  protest mode here). But now we (I), have a chance for a slight revenge on them all for my little planet. And it is all thanks to the greatest Star Ship captain there ever was. Thank you Captain Kirk.
   William Shatner promoted the names of Vulcan and Romulus. Romulus is already the name of a moon however, so it is out. Both Romulus and Remus are the names for the moons of  asteroid 87 Silvia.
   But that still leaves the name Vulcan. And Vulcan is the roman god of fire and lava, as in volcano I believe.
Shatner promoted these names  on Feb 11th, and on the 12th Vulcan was added to the voting list and is gaining ground rapidly. It would also appear that it is now in the lead, though barely with 2nd going to Styx, and 3rd going to Cerberus at the moment. There have been more than 215,000 votes so far.
   The voting polls will remain open on the website until 12pm EST on ffeb 25th.
   So first the link to the article about it.

And now on to the link to the voting, which you can also navigate to from the end of the article on

   So, to make this simple, you vote for VULCAN. Time to make those scientists that are accepting of a bunch of bloody planet killers not get what they want. 
Vote once, vote often, and vote Vulcan. Go to your friends houses and vote. Vote from work. Just vote vote vote, for Vulcan. 
   I must have a masochist side. I seem to love making myself a target out here. 



kallamis said...

One of these days I really have to figure out how to put these links in here properly.

Dennis Dorrity said...

It would appear as though VULCAN won by a landslide: