Monday, February 18, 2013

50 years of the greatest hero ever celebrated on BBCA


The old Doctors have returned, all of them. From William Hartnell, to David Tenant.  Even the old TARDIS has returned.
   What I am talking about is the 50th anniversary specials of the greatest hero in all of time, space and dimensions Doctor Who.
   BBCA is running specials the entire year called Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited.  They are apparently showing 1 a month, and last month was the first one with William Hartnell.  This month on the 24th, they will be showing that one again, along with the new one which of course will be the second man to play the Doctor, Patrick Troughton.
   The first and the second, and I am guessing all of them, will be 3 hours long.  They include one full show of that particular Doctor, and also a lot of trivia, and interviews with people that were involved during the filming, and others from today as well. 
   And just a quick piece of TARDIS trivia, in case it doesn't get expounded on in the specials is this. All TARDISes created after the type 24 have more than one control room. And although they actually occupy the same space. they are separated by way of a different time phase. Any control room can be reached by way of the corridors within the TARDIS, but for safety purposes due to the time phasing the walk is between 2.5 - 5 miles. The freaking thing is huge inside, and it has been wondered if even the doctor knows everything that is in there. The main TARDIS door, the one we always see them enter and leave by can be connected to any of the control room by way of the control panel, or even from the outside by way of the key TARDIS itself. 
   And she is alive, like all of them. Do to this fact, she has the ability to regenerate the same as the Doctor can. Yes folks, the TARDIS for all her magnificent glory and abilities, is a living being. And all TARDISes are female. That was made clear by the Doctor himself actually.
   As for the differences between Time Lord and homo sapiens it gets interesting as well. This may be due to the ages they spent being bombarded by vortex radiation, or it may just be how they are naturally to some respects, minus the big one of course, regeneration of the cellular structure of their bodies. That itself had to be from exposure to the vortex.  Whether all gallifreyans could regenerate is not entirely known, as some left the citadel of the Time Lords, and lived on other parts of the planet without the massive technology used at the citadel. And also it is not known for certain if the Time Lords were really that different, or if they were just the ruling class, or if a Time Lord was simply a Gallifreyan with a TARDIS. And that's enough of that, because if I start on Gallifreyan beliefs and society this thing will be 100 pages long.
   The physiological differences can't be seen, but they are slightly extreme, and I wish I had them. All of them. They have 2 hearts, with an average heart rate of 170 beats per minute. Their normal body temperature is 59 degrees Fahrenheit. They also have a respiratory bypass system which basically prevents them from being strangled to death. They have an increased resilience to high frequency sounds, and can actually survive fully exposed to the vacuum of space with no ill effects, though if they are going to be out for an extended period, they will need an air supply or they will suffocate. Also, if they are severely injured, but not to the regeneration point, they can go into a healing coma, where their body temperature drops to below freezing. Also a good way to make your enemies think you are dead. Oh the trouble I could get into with a Time Lords body.
   Needless to say, if you do not have knowledge of the Doctor, or are a fan and want to see and hear trivia that you have not heard before here in America, you need to watch the specials. I'll be watching it instead of the running weekly soap opera known as Walking Dead, that's for sure. 
   To make it simple, beyond Kirk, Beyond Han, beyond any super hero you have ever heard of, there is one that is and will always be greater. Though his name may not be known, he is the true hero of the universes, and is known simply as; THE DOCTOR.


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