Sunday, June 09, 2013

BMU #369 Now Online

It is time once again for Beam Me Up episode 369.  This week's stories are a new one by a new author to BMU and continuing our multi-chapter sci-fi classic.

But first some music. This week "Dear, My Friends" the closing music for the anime series "A Certain Scientific Railgun". Performed by Elisa.  I know it is sugar sweet, but it is one on my favorite anime songs.  

Then I thought, what the heck, lets do some Star Trek trivia....

For the first story, I play chapter seven of Fritz Leiber's No Great Magic.

Over to the Beam Me Up blog a is Kallamis' weekly rundown.  He finds an article about a huge proposed telescope called Colossus that would be so huge it could see cities on a planet 70 ly away! Plus an article that suggests that life was started by commentary impacts!  The Mars Society wants to study long term effect of space flight and confinement by simulating a 1 year Mars Mission.  The facility they want to use is on Dvon Island in the upper latitudes of Canada.  The "astronauts" will be doing field studies as well as maintenance of the habitat.  What makes this unusual is they have to doi it in full space suits.  They estimate the cost of this "dry run" would be a million dollars. That and more.

The finale this week is "A World's New Destiny" by Kallamis.

That's the week.  Enjoy

A World's New Destiny by Kallamis  


kallamis said...

Twisted? I bypassed twisted when I was about 7. Maybe knotted would be a better description, lol. GF is still laughing by the way. So am I actually.

Beam Me Up said...

oh my!!! well blame it all on free word association! I was going for convoluted?