Saturday, June 01, 2013

Weekly Rundown

This week is going to be shorter than normal, and probably the entire summer will be. Here is why, and my reasons for it up front to all of you that like the rundown. I’m fishing. That's all, I'm fishing, alot. I haven’t been fishing since I entered the Army in 1981, and I am fishing again. And as I eat fish every day of my bloody life, it’s about the only way to afford it anymore, plus I love it. And I am still building my place, so that is involved as well. But I'll will be here every week, except for when I take my couple vacations. And yeah, I mean fishing vacations. But I will try and get a few science and sci-fi facts up every week. Hey, I’ve been up between 4:15 and 4:30 every day this week, and then a 1.5 mile walk after the drive there to get to my fishing spot. And then a 1.5 mile walk back out again with all the gear, and whatever bass, blue gill, cat fish, etc I catch every day.  I need a bloody boat.

            Yeah, right. And I have green skin, my name is Piccolo, and I am about to rule this world with an iron hand, (I wish). Anyway, things are getting silly again.
            Okay, I will admit that at first sight it does appear to be a poor dead little rodent. (Yes I love rodents, and have 2 rats myself right now. Spook and #117 which I am sure you all know that number well).
            Now apparently this is a rat on Mars, or some kind of rodent with it’s nose to the ground. I know rodents, and that would be a dead one to begin with. Also way too big to be a rat we sent there, which is one of the theories. We sent a rat there to see how long it would live. Seriously?  I seriously doubt that NASA would take that effort to keep one of my little buddies alive long enough to get there just so they could watch it die there. Though it is believed that certain areas might still be able to contain microbial life in pockets underground, this is not that. Now they also state that things could have been different in Mars ancient and wetter past.
            However all this brings a new question to the forefront. And I on’t believe it is just for propaganda, or more funding either. There seems to be this push lately about life on Mars having once existed. So my question is this, what do we know already about that planet that we haven’t been told the truth about. Sure seems there is something up what with all the info on how there could have been life there and probably was once. 

            Turns out, it could have been real, and very easily as we all know about. His sword was made simply, (going by that horrible cartoon that had 65 episodes between 92 – 93). They used a meteorite. Not that hard to figure out for any of us that saw it. Well, I can’t give you a Star Metal sword, though I am sure that more than a few existed in the past, and yeah, I want one of them. But it turns out that there was star metal Jewelry however.
            The tube-shaped piece of jewelry was first discovered in 1911 at the Gerzeh cemetery, roughly 40 miles (70 kilometers) south of Cairo. Dating between 3350 B.C. and 3600 B.C., beads found at the burial site represent the first known examples of iron use in ancient Egypt, thousands of years before Egypt's Iron Age. And their cosmic origins were suspected from the start. This was fought in the 80’s with the nay sayers it was done and accomplished throught the smelting process.  These are beads now, not swords or blades like we all want. Now here is where the importance lies at. This was far before the Iron Age which is considered in Egypt to be around the 6th century BC. , and anything made of iron back then is basically beyond rare.
            A quote from the studies researcher Joyce Tyldesley, who is an Egyptologist at the University of Manchester states; “Today, we see iron first and foremost as a practical, rather dull metal. To the ancient Egyptians, however, it was a rare and beautiful material which, as it fell from the sky, surely had some magical/religious properties."
            Would love to find a decent sized meteorite myself, and then take it to Japan to get help in the forging of my own Star Metal sword. And so would most of you, and you all know it.

            Not happening. Thank you universe. The live action movie that was scheduled has now been canceled, and lets all hope it stays that way. FOREVER!!!!.  And here is why, or so they say. They can’t get it below an R rating. In my opinion, so bloody what. It was never meant for little kids to begin with.
            Just how many times does America have to destroy something before we learn to keep our hands out of things where they don’t belong?  Now let’s see where America has failed a few times in these things. Let’s start with the hero of heroes, my man, the Doctor. That movie we did, just awful. Now let’s look to the real crimes we have committed, and the Doctor was one of them, but to the extent of others.  The Last Airbender, Dragonball (and that is as far as I can go with hat title after what we did there), Red Dwarf which was so bad the pilot never even aired. It would be better, if we just made a live action Bugs Bunny and left it at that. At least that is supposed to be silly, and I am sure if we live auctioned it, bugs would be in bed with everything possible if that was the only way to destroy it.
Anyway, here is the link to the Akira article. Let’s hope it stays dead folks.

  This is an old movie, but one worth watching if you haven’t seen it. It is titled “HUNTER PREY.” Folks, if you haven’t seen this, you need to see it. It is a low budget sci-fi film that is really good. And I mean good. Basically, it is a comic book come to life without the super powers.  Basically it is about a group of commando’s transporting a prisoner and they crash land. The prisoner escapes and starts taking them out one at a time until it is only the alien and the commander left. It comes down to a fight between to beings. One alien that is the last of his kind after his home planet was destroyed, and a commander of the ones that destroyed it. Folks this is well worth watching. One of the best sci-fi films I have seen over the last year, and it was made in 2009. Yeah, I’m late to the party again. Now there is a lot more to this film, but as I am trying to make you watch it, for your enjoyment and not a profit to a film company I won’t say anything else here about it now.  I could do a full review easily, but I won’t.
This part was supposed to be about Nolan, but considering how I personally despise what he has been doing lately, and I have no doubts that the Man of Steel movie will seem like it was done by that M night person, I cut that out of here. The language I would use would not be appropriate to this site. Hell, it wouldn’t be appropriate for a bunch of drunken military men, of which I was once one myself, so I know what I am talking about.
Seriously folks, watch this movie. It isn’t wing bang special effects filled, but it is well worth the watch.  The budget was only 425,000, and has a 5.7 rating from 3,609 reviews on IMDB. Not a well-known movie, but still worth a watch for sure. I will include 2 links to this. The first at wiki, and the second at IMDB.

And that is it for this week folks. I am going to sleep for a whole night for the first time all week. For those that know me, you know I don't hit bed till after midnight regardless, so it has been a long week. Hope you all enjoy the rundowns folks. Wish you were here for the fish frying all. At least the conversations I am sure would be quite interesting.


Dave Tackett said...

Not sure where you're going with the last paragraph about the "Mars rat" rock.

Beam Me Up said...

hey Dave, they have the photos on NASA's site I think...I saw em and damn if it don't!