Sunday, June 23, 2013

BMU episode 371 now online

Beam Me Up episode 371 humps along fairly well, so I guess there is some entertainment value!

 After a quick musical interlude, it is time for episode 21 of Jason Kahn’s Dark InSpectre series. Inspector Jack continues to track an extremely dangerous killer.

 I move on to Star Trek Triva. I have a few of Mudd’s Women questions left so those and a few others make up this portion.

From the BMU blog Kallamis again comes through with his weekend review. Covered are the newest crop of astronaut trainees, mold on the ISS? Mars had an oxygen rich armosphere? Looking ahead to the newest Riddic movie and reviewers are going hard on the new Man of Steel movie, Logan’s Run movie still seems to be in limbo, Is China hiding the proof that aliens are real?!!!

And I end with the first part of Edward McKeown’s story In the Mourning.

Thanks for listening….

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