Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Flying Electric Bike?

I know...we have heard of this before, but this one has an interesting wrinkle.

First, is that the device is electric. The vehicle's six propellers are all powered by onboard batteries. This of course severely limits flight time to 5 minutes. Czech developers are hoping for higher capacity batteries to be developed to make their "bike" much more practical.

The flying Bike was designed using  French software and for now, the flying bike is still in development.
The prototype is controlled by remote control, but its designers hope that it will eventually be piloted by the rider.

And from my perspective the flying bike doesn't do either very well.   Redesign is going to have to be a must. As most would agree, it would make the world's worst bike with those pods and the inventors have admitted that it is very unstable to fly.  We won't be seeing this thing in it's present incarnation and if they stay the course it will be unlikely that   we will see the machine in mass market at all!

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