Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Review: Men In Black 3

Will Smith as Agent J
Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K
Josh Brolin as Young Agent K
Jemaine Clement as Boris the Animal
Emma Thompson as Agent O
Michael Stuhlbarg as Griffin

Men In Black 3 rejoin agents J and K in a third romp of a complicated nature. The initial plot centers around an alien Boris the Animal. It appears that he has been incarcerated for forty years in a some what over the top Hanibal spoof.

Boris was arrested forty years ago by agent k and now he want nothing more than to seek revenge on K for shooting off his arm and keeping him chained up for almost half a century. But the revenge will take place 40 years in the past where a younger K shot Boris and arrested him.

This is where the real fun begins because of the time traveling paradox should not be looked into too closely or the whole thing just breaks down.  But we do find out what happened to J's father, who K is (which set me to grumbling because things should have been different when K & J met for the "first time")  But what the heck, this movie is far better than the second that this alone makes it worth of watching.    I really don't want to give too much up if you haven't seen it yet, but enough to say that they have fun twisting the heck out of cause and effect time paradox.  But Brolin is an absolute must see as he does his version of K  not Tommy Lee Jones but Jones doing K and a younger K  talk about NAILING it.....    

Extra are good too, gag reel and making of shots plus a game for the younguns 

Love time travel and MIB3 is no exception.  It is a good 7 or 8 as well as the extras at a 7....hey no director's commentary but there is enough to keep you occupied.  overall 15 or a 7.5 rating ....maybe a bit low...but 8 is pushing it.  Harmless fun.  My guess is that you will enjoy it.  


kallamis said...

I liked this one better than the second one. But yeah, as a time freak myself I had to avoid looking at that closely at all. And they are talking about a fourth one, but so far it seems that Smith will not be a part of it.

Dave Tackett said...

I was far less impressed than you two were. The first half the film was a total snooze fest (with the poster of the bulldog alien in Agent J's room being the only memorable part) and the second part took itself a little too seriously for a comedy.

Only the Warhol part was funny for me, and that may have had more to due with my personal loathing of the drug-addled, pseudo-sophistication associated with the real "artist" than the scene actually being humorous. And Griffin has to be the Jar Jar Binks of the Men in Black series.

I'd give it a 5 at best. But a good review Paul - all criticism is aimed at MIB III and not you or Kallamis.

Beam Me Up said...

my god, if Lee does do 4 he will come off as an act of desperation.

Beam Me Up said...

No Dave, what you said is certainly not a flame in my book. It is a well thought out honest opinion and are a hunred % dead on. Your right, as a comedy it wasn't, but for me it was so much better than the second that I wanted my review to reflect it. Plus I review the dvd in totality. I want extra, comments, deleted scenes youknow the wurks. so part of my review reflects some of that. All that aside I am extremely pleased that you weighed in and DID NOT rubber stamp my opinion. It proves there is a community here, not alot of me say you do crap.

Thank you very much