Monday, June 17, 2013

BMU # 370 The Rise & Rise of Grey Power + No Great Magic con

Well here we are!  Another week gone by and it is time for Beam me up episode 370.

I start this week I open with what I like to call a conversation but others would classify as a rant  ***sigh*** How about we split the difference and call it a conversation with passion?  No? Well anyway, a listener pointed me in the direction of a news article concerning recent additions to the passenger list of Virgin Galactic.

Next I was having some difficulty talking, I play a nice musical selection which leads to the the first story of the afternoon David Scholes “The Rise & Rise of Grey Power”.

I open the book on Star Trek Trivia.  This week – Mudd’s Women.

Now I meandered over to the Beam Me Up blog.  This week, articles about China’s space effort and Andromeda it seems has a plethora of black holes in its core. From the weekly rundown, Nuclear  spacecraft engines, It seems that some gullies On Mars were not made with water, news on NASA’s Sun Jammer solar sail as well as discussion on Lagrangian points.
Then it is time for the conclusion of “No Great Magic”.
That’s it for this week.  Enjoy!

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