Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Get Your Thumbs Out, NASA Says We Might Return to the Moon.....

As hitchhikers that is. As in "Hey are you going to the Moon? Can I catch a ride?" Just where did I
get such an audacious idea? Well I was reading Dvice blog when I came across this article: 
  • During a webcast for the National Academy of Sciences' medical committee last month, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said: "I have never said the United States is not going back to the lunar surface. I just said that in the foreseeable future, given the budget that NASA currently has and given where we are and what we need technologically if we’re going to go to Mars, then it will not be the United States that leads an expedition to the lunar surface…"
Bolden later stated: 
  • "If somebody else is going, we will provide our engineering expertise and the only condition is that I be allowed to send an astronaut as a part of the crew."
As the article points out, NASA is aiming for Mars but with China planning for a permanent Luna base, NASA may at least want to rethink that position. 

Dvice blog article link

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