Friday, June 21, 2013

Super Moon This Weekend!

Xnewsman is telling us to watch the sky's 7:32 am Eastern Time Sunday the 23rd. Why?  For this year's "super" moon.  This will be the time when the moon will be at it's closest to the Earth in it's monthly orbit.  Full Moons happen each month but the super moon is once a year and this year's will be spectacular.  The moon is calculated as being 16,000 mile closer than it's usual orbit, lending to a 10% larger and 30% brighter moon.  

Don't miss it!


kallamis said...

Glad you got this all up. I forgot to include it in the weekly, and had closed the page and was actually headed for bed when I remembered to add the note about it at the bottom.

Beam Me Up said...

You beat me to the punch with a few, so we are even he he

kallamis said...

Lol, you got it.