Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mainer Selected for Granting of Life's Dream

Long time listener Leinad Ztrev (Yeah, who knew?!) found an article in a recent Press Herald.
This article talks about  and how NASA has granted one of  Jessica  Meir's   life long dream of being an astronaut

From the article:
  • Jessica U. Meir, a 1995 graduate of Caribou High School who now works in Boston, could be among the leaders of a manned mission to an asteroid in the 2020s and to Mars in the following decade, according to a statement issued by NASA.
  •  Meir, 35, is among eight astronaut trainees who were introduced  by NASA to be in its first training class in four years
The truly amazing fact about Meir's selection was NASA chose her from an astronaut pool of over 6,000 candidates!

If Meir can successfully complete the two year, intense training regiment, she could join fellow astronaut Chris Cassidy, the only other active astronaut from Maine. Cassidy, is now serving aboard the International Space Station.

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