Tuesday, June 18, 2013

PS3 Update Warning

Not sure what the real deal here is yet, but wanted to get the warning out here quick.
Apparently people are having their systems bricked after downloading the 4.5 firmware update. It sounds like it is only happening to systems with 500 gig and more, but I'm avoiding it till I know for sure the problem is resolved. 
I just wanted to get it out on here quick though for any others of this site that have a ps3 like I do. Damn glad I stumbled on this tonight, as I was planning to do updates on everything tonight, including my PS3. 
Here's the link to the joystick column so you can check it out for yourselves. 
I'd say avoid it to be safe even if you have the smaller drives for now. Last thing we need to do is be locked out for an indeterminate amount of time. 


kallamis said...


Apparently this is not effecting those with the original hard drives. Also it is being said now that the patch was pulled. I'm still not doing anything yet though until I hear for sure it is pulled, or repaired. I like my system and use it for Amazon, etc as well. I'd rather be safe than sorry and cussing for the next who knows how long before I could replace it.

Dave Tackett said...

Wow, for the first time, I'm glad I have a small hard drive on something.

Hope Sony looses a fortune having to replace bricked PS3s. I'm sick to death of their mandatory firmware upgrades on the PS3 and PSP - buy a new game or blu-ray and almost as often or not you get the "effin" you must upgrade your firmware message.

kallamis said...

Hmmm, I have only had that once so far. I didn't even get that when I got the Avengers set. But mine is set to auto upgrade whenever available. I usually get it when I turn the thing on though which seems like every week sometimes. Don't know a thing about the PSp, don't have one. I can't even afford to keep up with all the console games I want, let alone the handheld market.

Dave Tackett said...

That's why you don't get the message, but it would be very unsafe for me to have automatic updates. My crappy electric company has brief (a second or two) power outages every few weeks. If I were in the middle of a firmware update during that time, instant $300+ dollar brick.

The PSP is worse. A few years ago I had it customized exactly how I liked it, with a homebrew e-book reader and a SNES emulator. Then I bought three new video games for it, each of which required a firmware update to allow me to play them. I made the mistake of updating, which destroyed the ability to run homebrew software. Argh!! And adding insult to injury, none of the games was very good.

kallamis said...

I used to live in a place with a power company like that. And if someone took a pee outside, the power went out. It was freaking horrible. I tell you, sometimes these updates, same as with IE on the comp, I swear cause more problems than they fix. GF has no problems with it, and if I try and use it, it is nothing but a freaking problem. "IE has encountered a problem and needs to shut down," etc etc etc.