Thursday, June 27, 2013

Voyager 1 Closing in on Interstellar Space

The latest data from Voyager 1 seems to indicate that it is at this moment at the very edge of the space influenced by Sol and entrance into interstellar space is now eminent.  

At present, Voyager is over 11 billion miles from Earth and at this remote distance particles from the sun have all but dissipated.  Controllers have also noticed that particles coming  towards Voyager from interstellar space,  have jumped markedly in the past year.

This of course means that Voyager 1 is set, any time now, to become the first  man made object to exit the solar system. 

Complete BBC article HERE


kallamis said...

What we need to do is build a new one with all the new sensor equipment, and an actual drive system of some type, and really get it moving out there in a different direction. Maybe one big enough with enough supplies to take along a single human as well. Maybe with a large rotating wheel for a sort of artificial gravity so you could get exercise. Then if it was ever found, there would be no doubt what the species that sent it looked like.

Beam Me Up said...

yep, always wrangling for a ride again!