Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Slim Chips: Snacks made from paper!

From Gizmodo comes a snack chip that isn't made of potato or corn but paper. It's a definite look to the future and what we might all be snacking on in the very near future, but what is this "yum" stuff? It is purported to be edible paper, which in truth is nothing new. Rice paper has been around for like ever. The new chip is supposed to be calorie free, which lets rice off the hook. And how about the weird, blueberry,sweetpotato...? So its edible but possibly not digestible. Are we looking at something like the infamous Olestra? More to the fact should we start asking if it has one of Olestra's famous side effects. Oh yes.... I spent all this time so I could say anal leakage. Oh and I swear there is another product on their page call (honest! go look!) funstackable stools. Oh he HAS to get this stuff to market! I want my paper chips and stackable stools.... ok, I'll stop.

Hafsteinn Juliusson product designer

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