Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Ant King and other Stories by Ben Rosenbaum now available under Creative Commons

Cory Doctorow writing in Boing Boing notes that: "The marvelous Small Beer Press has put the entirety of my (Ben Rosenbaum) new short-story collection The Ant King and Other Stories under a Creative Commons by-nc-sa license and made it downloadable in a number of formats.

For those of you that are living in are you reading this? ... anyway, Creative Commons is free with restrictions. The nc sa means non-commercial and sa is share alike, meaning you can pass out as many copies as you want, long as you don't sell em. What is a bit different is that there is no nd restrictions. Which doesn't mean you can rewrite it and call it something different, but you are allow to "change" it depending on how you plan on distributing. For example, I read "the House Beyond Your Sky" and "Start the Clock" on BMU, but that was a change that was acceptable. The book is full of great stories like "The Ant King" I highly recommend downloading the book. The wonderful thing is that the hard copy is available as well if you feel like reading without carting a crapload of tech with you.

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