Monday, September 01, 2008

Samurai Girl preview

TV Sqaud Blog is giving us a preview of ABC Family channel's newest offering called Samurai Girl. The program is based on a series of young-adult novels. The show will play over three nights for a total of six hours. The mini-series will play out with two hours a night on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, starting September 5. Brett Love writing for TV Sqaud says:
  • My first impression is that this feels like what you would expect from ABC Family. The movie shares more with Disney's Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior than it does with something like Machine Girl. Those concessions meant that the violence has been toned down, and there are about 400 gallons less fake blood than in my usual imported kung fu romp.
All in all not a bad thing. I am not sure exactly what intrrigues me about this show. But for some reason I am looking forward to seeing just what all the buzz is about.

There are more of Brett's comments here.

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