Sunday, September 21, 2008

Your Chance To Catch Regenesis

Have you been chompin at the bit for a chance to watch the Canadian biotech drama ReGenesis? Then you know that despite critical acclaim - it's barely been shown in the U.S. and impossible to find on DVD. Fortunately for us non-torrenters, Hulu is now showing the first two seasons! Thanks to a recent IO9 listing, we can indeed, at least partially, peak our interest. For those of you that haven't heard much past the name to base your opinion of wether or not you would enjoy watching, IO9 describes the show as:
  • ReGenesis takes the disease of the week approach shared by a show like House, M.D. and marries it to the split-screen, big-stakes, world-in-jeopardy sweep of 24. Each episode, the Toronto-based scientists of fictional organization NoRBAC (The North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission), led by brilliant grouch David Sandström, find themselves up against some new formidable threat, such as an unnatural combination of Ebola and Camel Pox, and use a blend of ingenuity and scientific research to solve the problem.
Sounds interesting in my book.

[ReGenesis on Hulu]

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