Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Quantum Mechanics as Reality TV!

Only on Wired's site could you ever imagine taking the extremes of quantum mechanics and reality tv and putting them together. Why you might ask.... well if you can grasp the concept, it's a light hearted way to describe just what all the buzz is about with the lhc. With tongue firmly in cheek we are told that if you can grasp the compexities of reality tv you too can understand physics at the quantum level.

The article is certainly funny, but for me, it was a geeky way to learn how to understand reality tv!

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wolfkahn said...

Sad to say, I'm much more familiar with Quantum Mechanics than reality TV. Photons, bosons, sure. Tom Colicchio? Tiffany Pollard?

Paul said...

You know Dave, maybe that was what made it so funny to me. I had no idea who they were talking about! lol. Oh Trump yeah, and Clarkson but after that, I was hopelessly lost.