Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Future Moon Base Site Imaged

Shaun Saunders submits an article from UniverseToday detailing possible sites for the future US Moonbase. The article suggests that one of the best sites has to be the Moon's south pole. Mountainous areas near the rim of Shackelton Crater provide areas of almost continual sunlight, meaning solar power would be constantly available. In addition, the shadowed craters are in constant darkness and may hold water ice, a potential water supply that would be a vital resource for any lunar base. Also the suggestion is made that with many permanently dark craters available, this would be a great place to set up a lunar telescope. This is one of many 3D photos of the site. Click on the article title for more.

Also while purusing the UniverseToday site, I see that the main page had a video of the re-entry of the Jules Vern resupply craft built by the ESA. The film shows the automated transfer vehicle breaking up shortly after it enters the Earth's upper atmosphere.

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