Monday, September 22, 2008

SciFi Channel Orders First Season Of 'Warehouse 13'

Have you heard anything about Warehouse 13? Me neither, but it seems Michael Hinman over at SyFy Portal has the low down. First news is that the Sci-Fi Channel has indeed ordered a full season of 13 episodes of the series. And what praytell IS Warehouse 13? I remember watching a curious program on cable several years ago about this strange little show who's original ower dies. Upon his death the stock is liquidated. The original owner's neice learns that there was more to the shop than originally suspected. The shop had a vault with items of "unusual powers" stored in it. Now that vault is empty and the stars of the program spend each episode reaquiring the lost items. Can't remember the name but its the feel of the show that is important because it would seem that Warehouse 13 has some facets very much like the older program. Warehouse 13 focuses on two Secret Service agents working in a top-secret storage facility in South Dakota after saving the life of the president. These agents are tasked to chase down more artifacts to include in the warehouse. That's basiclly all I have at this point...sounds interesting though.

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