Monday, September 29, 2008

Needless injections....

Hate injections? Wish the medical industry would invent something like the "Hypospray" that was made famous by Star Trek. Well truth be told efforts have been made in this direction. Several devices but the current crop are bulky, expensive and hard to use. Something small, cheap and easy to use is what is called for.

Well here ya go, according to Dvice blog: a Japanese inventor has created a needle-free, completely painless injection. The device, dubbed "Mother's Kiss," uses little plastic ampules to deliver meds. It's not only painless, but its cheaper and safer than traditional syringes, making it perfect for developing countries where shared needles spread diseases like wildfire. Only stumbling block is that the device is still expensive, but I would look to see these new "needles" in future doctor's offices.

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