Monday, September 22, 2008

Adult Swim Anime rant

Is anyone else just a bit cranked at what has happened to the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim on Saturdays? As a general rule Saturday evening would have Toonami which lead in with a few light anime shows. From 11 to 2, adult swim used to come in with some really hard edged anime. It was the only night they really did a schedule like that and quite honestly I had come to enjoy some varied anime classics. Now they have eviscerated the schedule and run only one...Bleach, which is not bad, but one wonders if it's days are numbered. So instead of a couple of hours on Saturday nights.....they have me for 30 minutes and start looking forward to Mondays on Sci-fi which, guess what? yep, has 2 hours of pretty damn good anime. LATER AS!

*UPDATE 10/1/08*
From IO9: Cartoon Network may have killed off their Toonami programming strand, but that doesn't mean that the network has abandoned anime entirely, according to an unnamed Bandai employee at last weekend's New York Anime Fest. Talking to Newsarama, the Bandai source is quoted as saying “There is no way Cartoon Network is giving up Naruto or Pokemon any time soon... We also want people to make sure Code Geass is not cancelled and will be back on a more convenient time slot in the near future." Maybe CN is ready to just admit that anime is as much a cartoon as American animation? [Newsarama]

I am not holding my breath or watching any Adult Swim anymore. We shall see, but I AM getting my fix off Sci-Fi believe it or not. Monday nights at 11 rock with anime. That and the internet network Hulu can really cover the anime booster you need. I rave at Sci-fi's programming but they HAVE stayed with the Monday night schedule so Cartoon Network can bite me.

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