Friday, September 05, 2008

Get your cyborg name right here right now, while you wait

It seems I have a cyborg name! Sweet! Suicide Robot blog had a link to The Cyborg Name Decoder which I thought well.....silly will love it....bout that time I found myself typing in my name. Damn!

Positronic Artificial Utility Lifeform

Get Your Cyborg Name

And as you can see - you too can, with saccharin sweetness have your own as well! Ahhh hell who am I kidding.... Positronic Artificial Utility Lifeform could have stepped right out of U.S. Robotics with a seal of approval from mz Calvin herself! Oh and the wheels are an especially nice touch!


wolfkahn said...

D.A.V.E.: Digital Artificial Violence Entity

wolfkahn said...

W.O.L.F.K.A.H.N.: Wireless Operational Lifeform Fabricated for Killing, Assassination and Hazardous Nullification

Oh, sure they give you a nice one, apparently I'm a cylon or terminator.

Paul said...

LMAO!! I thought the first one was a bit of the ole ultra violence but the second would certainly set heads spinnin at the milk bar.