Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Space station may launch 5300mph paper airplane

From Dvice sfonline:

This is legit! Trust me! They are thinking of launching a paper airplane from the ISS in hopes that it can survive space and re-entry. Now, hold up, I hear the cat calls already. This thing is only in the planning stage and before anything happens, the model will have to go through wind tunnel testing.

It seems the Japan Origami Airplane Association was tapped by researchers at the University of Tokyo to fold up a 3.1-inch plane made of specially treated paper that's tough enough to fly in space and return to earth.

Ok, sounds cool, but my first question is why? Dvice got the story from Pink Tentacle who go on a bit about the endeavor, but I still don't have a clue as to what this would accomplish? Paper re-entry vehicle for people? Hell no I ain't ridin in that!


Shaun said...

So this pointed object - tough enough to withstand re-entry, will land where exactly???

Paul said...

You know...knowing our luck with Skylab, Your back yard! I can just see the scenario now... hide the cows

Shaun said...

That's what came to mind, actually :-)

"Moo...what's this stuck in my rump?"