Thursday, January 24, 2008

Life on Mars? Amazing photos from Nasa probe reveal mystery figure on Red Planet

I thought someone was hoaxing me but Shaun came up with another post from Daily Mail online

It seems that the Martian rover Spirit caught a rather unusual formation in one of the photos that it sent back to Earth. Initial inspections revealed nothing unusual, but closer examination by amateur astronomers has thrown up this intriguing picture. Yes, this one does the infamous Mars Face one way better. The picture as you can see seems to depict a humanoid outline that appears to be point at something out of frame. Of course it should be pointed out that without reference points, it is impossible to scale the figure. Another site listing the graphic has the size of the "man" at around four inches or slightly over 10 cm. And I thought Martians would be tall and thin!

Thanks to Shaun A. Saunders for the post


Robert M. Blevins said...

Over here at AB of Seattle, we had downloaded many of the original Rover panoramas back in 2004, because we were planning on using some of them for a book. Well, we took the original image and decided to write an article for our column at Newsvine debunking the whole thing. Well...imagine our surprise when we found the image as well. You can view better images of this anomaly and see the complete story over at the Straight Talk' column.

Anonymous said...

It's a Tusken Raider, surely?

Beam Me Up said...

Wow Bob, I wish I had known about your pics before I posted! You took a perfect route in processing the frame. The contrasting elements and de-saturating the image makes for a much more compelling image. I would strongly suggest that anyone wanting to see a really superior image, click Bob's Straight Talk link.

Bob, I am going to back link to your story if that is ok. I really like the image.

Paul said...

Punk! Amazin insight! EXACTLY!!!

Robert M. Blevins said...

You can link to or use anything I post or send to you, Paul...(smiles)

Yeah...but I got blasted by a few folks by putting up that article at Newsvine. I took the picture or something. (laughs)

Robert M. Blevins said...

January 29: NASA has finally released something about the so-called 'Mars Statue'.

They say: It's about two inches high. It's a small rock carved by the winds of Mars.

Thoughts on this explanation: This could be relegated to the Oscar Meyer file. If you have seen our images and article at Newsvine (link in previous comment on this thread) you'll notice that the rock directly to the LEFT of the anomaly shows at least six or seven separate layers in the rock. So...NASA claims the anomaly is only two inches high. This is from a CBS News report released today. If this were so, you WOULD NOT be able to see so many layers in the rock to the left. Not even at the resolution of the Rover cameras. It is much more likely the anomaly is about 2 FEET high.

Then ask yourself this: When someone tries to foist off a lie on you, what is their motivation? And if they are caught telling ONE lie, there certainly will be others...