Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Photofinder or I just spent 100 on WHAT?!

See, there are some things that sound neat when you first hear about them and then when the geeky adrenalin wears off you left with either an empty atm card or if your extremely lucky you just get the feeling that you miss being boned by some fly by nighter.

An example you say? Surely I respond. Feast your eyes upon the the Photofinder! Ohhhhh yes, stylish....reads memory cards ahhhhhhh oooooooooooh has a build in GPS easy easy now...make it last.....know what it does..? Ok wait for it.... It writes info to your picture files that comes from the gps. The end effect is that with the provided special software you can tell where you took the pictures! OOOH YES YES YEs YEeeeeessssss oh uh WTF?! Oh yes my sticky little friend, this cool piece of techno geekiness tells you where you just took the picture you just plugged into it. You know....I don't know about you, but if I don't know where I am when I am snappin them bad boys, I probably should not be left alone too much.


Shaun said...

Paul, um...I think the weather in Maine is keeping you indoors too much :-)

But...did you buy it?

paul said...

ya think?!!! lmfao! well yes, it might be off topic, but it is tech and I could not think of a more asinine piece of equipment! click, uhh where am I? uhhh duh I doan no check the photofinder!

Paul said...

No damn it, but for a second I wanted to!