Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Summer time on Fox

Gratuitous posting alert!!! yep, I have seen the first two episodes of The Sarah Connor Chronicles and I have to say that I am not overly impressed. Wait though, compared to what the Sci-Fi channel kept and threw away? No more SG-1 but ran Flash Gordon? Yeah if we want to compare the crack heads' over at Sci-Fi programming, well Sarah Connor Chronicles is award winning television! And so what is the big draw for TSCC? Anyone who has watched, knows already. But for the uninitiated, Summer Glau late of Fire Fly is now John Connor's ass kicking mecha body guard. And without trying to sound to punny....Summer has really come into her season. In Fire Fly, I totally bought her character, not that her newest gig, calls for much acting range - However Summer walks that fine edge where she always appears to be not quite "getting it" and still remain believable as an emotionless killer. ( after putting 2 into the black market id provider, she replies to to Sarah's query as to why she did it "Because I knew you couldn't" done completely deadpan...) You have to admit, as a terminator, she is a complete package. Ok Ok, I just wanted an excuse to post a pic! I confess!

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