Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Scientists Created a Living Rat's Heart From Baby Rat Cells

Have you noticed that medical science just took a turn into the twilight zone? Oh yes, Shaun Saunders sent in this story from ABC News online with the following statement - "Of mice and men..and rats! My ficiton has come to life! " here are some excerpts:

Scienctitst took the heart of a dead rat and chemically treated it so that they were left with a clear, translucent shell of a heart. This then became a "scaffold". Then they injected that "scaffold" with heart cells from a baby rat and stimulated the heart electrically. Within a couple days, they saw microscopic movements, which -- in a few weeks' time -- resulted in a beating heart. The goal now is making it work in humans.

Yes Shaun....your fiction is again dead on!

More tell tale heart

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