Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Robot servants in British homes 'within ten years'

From The Daily Mail online as Shaun puts it "I Robot comes a step closer":

Robot servants for the home will become a reality within ten years, according to experts at Britain's biggest technology retailer. Among the latest examples unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show(CES) in Las Vegas were the Spykee series developed by Meccano and Tribot and Rovio, from Wow wee. However, even more sophisticated worker robots are in the pipeline, such as the iRobiQ, from Yujin Robots of South Korea. These robots and future models, far from being autonomous, will be linked into the home's own technology and broadband internet service, effectively becoming the technology hubs of the home. Voice commands to the robot would be translated into wireless signals to turn on the washing machine, change the TV channel, dim the lights or change the music.

Household Robots

Thanks to Shaun A. Saunders for the post

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