Wednesday, January 09, 2008

These Giant Blocs Are Made of People

Ok, I know - science and science fiction Got it, so I slip in a gripe about the fcc's dead site, maybe I had a weak moment. Ready for another? Is this Science Fiction? Nope! is it Science? no way! But it is proof that we are now living in some sort of weird future that none of us in our wildest imagination would ever have conceived! How so you foolishly ask? Oooooooh let me enlighten you:

It seems that the Lisson Gallery in London has a rather "wasteful" display. Shall I continue? ok.....

Mexican artist Santiago Sierra collaborated with Indian NGO
Sulabh International to collect tons of human poop gathered by scavengers of the Untouchable caste in Delhi and Jaipur. He then mixed it with plastic, molded it into 21 giant blocks approximately the length of a human being, and shipped the blocks to the UK.

I sh oh wait.. someone did... Here are the links to the original story

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