Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sci-Fi on TV for the second half of the 2007-2008 season -grim-

Mark Wilson of "Mark's Sci-Fi /Fantasy Blog speculates on the grimness of the remaining tv sci-fi season, as the writer's strike continues to wreak havoc on new and returning shows. The only bright side is that some of the new shows scheduled for startup have something fresh for us to watch. As Mark puts it:

When the writers' strike stopped production on the current season, most of the shows were still in process. Some were only able to complete enough shows to complete the first half of the season, before the holiday break; others completed more before being shut down. No American-produced show was able to complete a whole season; no one has more than seven episodes to air, and some have only a couple. This half of the season will be pretty anemic in terms of fresh material.

Only 3 returning shows gave out starting dates Stargate Atlantis and Flash Gordon will start January 4th and Moonlight next Friday January 11th. Chuch, Reaper,Smallville and Supernatural are still up in the air. Which makes me wonder now if someone isn't crapin in their pants right now after canceling Journeyman. Mark goes on to say about upcoming new shows:

Meanwhile, we can enjoy a handful of shows that are new or premiering a new season: Sarah Connor Chronicles (1/13), Kyle XY (1/14), Torchwood (1/26), Jericho (2/12), New Amsterdam (2/22), and Battlestar Galactica (April), with Doctor Who coming this summer.

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