Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Helix #7, Winter 2008 is available

Helix, the speculative fiction quarterly online magazine has posted its' 7th issue which is the Winter 2008 issue. Here is a listing of the fiction. For a complete listing, click the article title which links to the new issue.

* "Suicide Drive" by Charlie Anders - Father doesn't always know best.

* "Seraphim" by Maya Bohnhoff - Sweet dreams and flying machines.

* "Night of the Living POTUS" by Adam-Troy Castro - The horror, the horror...

* "The Last Man's First Year on Earth" by David W. Goldman - A long,time from home.

* "Salvager's Gold" by Selina Rosen - In space, no one can hear you talk trash.

* "Family Tree" by Vaughan Stanger - The best seeds are the ones you didn't know you planted.

* "Drooling Wizards" by Laura J. Underwood - You don't have to be an idiot to be a wizard, but it helps.

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