Friday, January 11, 2008

Virgin Galactic to Offer Space Cruise through Aurora Borealis

Shaun sends in an article that I think anyone with a pulse would find exciting! From the Daily Galaxy online, I see that Virgin Galactic is not sitting on their laurels by any means. Richard Branson has been busy thinking up new ways to get people excited about private space tourism. He’s offering to fly anyone who can afford the trip, into the world’s biggest lightshow, the Aurora Borealis. Even though the New Mexico Virgin Galactic Spaceport isn't scheduled for completion until 2010, Branson is already planning his next project, an Arctic launchpad located in the far north of Sweden in the small town of Kiruna. Trips through the solar wind light show, though spectacular, have been deemed perfectly safe to those inside a spacecraft. Cost was not mentioned in the article but I suspect that we are still looking at a 20k plus price tag.

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Ron said...

That is great news. Go Virgin Galactic!